‘Actions speak louder than thoughts.’

When I was young I thought the world ends when the year comes to an end.I know, crazy thought! But Hey,I was a kid with a wild imagination.Anyways,As I grew up I realized my theory wasn’t all true (For obvious reasons).I started understanding life better.And I realized that the world doesn’t end unless we let it to.

Then, when I reached my teens. I realized the world, or my life, or the choices I make, none of them really matter.There is no point in over thinking about life and all the other insignificant huge details.It’s just a waste of time.You can call it my dark-phase in the teenage years. :p

I thought about it further,and I said to myself,”This world is a temporary place.And we have a very little time to live.We just have to make sure we live it right,and try not thinking about everything we do.Because in the end ‘Actions do speak louder than words’.Or better off,’Actions speak louder than thoughts’.”

And I know that is not much to say,but that’s the message teen Me wants to give to the ‘Adult World.’


Dear Adults,

Do not over think every little thing.Sometimes you just have to go for it! Take life by the minute.And stop spending it in fear.Because there might  not be a tomorrow.And don’t go to a dark place with that thought.Be positive instead.Do what you want,And let your actions speak for you.

Rock on!!!!

Yours only,

The Dark-Phase Teen ME 😉