This world is a very scary play to live in.There is a cold war always going on.A war with yourself,a war with your Family,Reality,Dreams,Hopes.We  never really are at peace.We never fully accomplish our goals.But what when you weren’t really trying for anything.Your hopes were already low.But life still disappoints you.How do you pick yourself up? How do you get up learn to fight again? And is this war ever going to end?Especially,when you had no intention to take part in it.So many questions,and no answers.

Every morning I get up,I strive to smile.I work really hard to hope that today is better than yesterday.But how much longer can I keep lying to myself? How much longer,before my light extinguishes?

We all are fighting.Some of us make the right choices,and are closer to winning.Some of us are stronger and keep fighting.But what about the others? Will they be called cowards and be forgotten about.Or will they somehow keep fighting? What really happened to them?

Disappointment is something which breaks a person to pieces.Pieces which can’t be joined.I haven’t still figured out how to help myself find my way.I am  still stuck.And it feels like,I don’t have the energy to fight anymore!

I have been asking questions this entire time.And am no way near to the answers.But will this darkness ever end? Is there light in the end of the tunnel?

That is just another set of questions left unanswered for now.But whoever is reading this.Do not let the lack of light in present,stop you from finding the switch to the bulb in the future.Keep trying! Keep fighting! And hope to find your way.Because that is all you can do for now.Good luck.