life is a series of choices,options and questions.choices and questions which aren’t always very easy.but aren’t always very tough either.
we as human beings like to play our cards very carefully.we like to blame others for our fault.but we never like to share credit for our good deeds.and all that’s going on in our busy life’s.to avoid reality,or guilt we like to always put down things in two categories.fair and not fair.and being self-centered,that we all tend to be.we aren’t always truthful with ourselves when we our answering this question.we answer it in a way,that makes us look our best.but why is it necessary for us to ask this question? do we just like to complain about life.and blame the universe or faith,to be dramatic.or are we just bored?or is it just another way to hide from reality and live in a box.something that we do best!
the truth is life is never really fair or not fair.life is just life!and we got to live with that.and make our way,and learn how to live life as we do so.because no good has ever come out of complaining or quitting.and it never will.and asking all these questions,for whatever reason.is just going to block our way.and prevent us from reaching our total potential.

sitting down and crying about all the faults of life,and how we have been going through so much,is not getting you anywhere!neither do you get sympathy nor any award for drowning yourself in self pity.you have to put yourself out there,and risk it all!and starting living life,because nobody gets to live life twice.

in conclusion,even with all the questions and intrigues we have.we have to make sure that these questions are not blurring our vision.and stopping us from seeing the reality.or stopping us from living life in the right way,to the fullest.because in the end it doesn’t really matter if its fair or not.all that matters is that this question didn’t stop us from doing what we had to do.or becoming the person we had to become.whether life is fair or not!