once upon a time

in some place

far away

and yes,I know that sounds cliché!

but that’s where

it all started

the whole dare.

two girls and a boy

on a trip by themselves

in a forest quiet,with howling  wolves

their car broke down

they were bored as hell

and decided to play a game

sitting next to a well.

truth and dare was its name

the game went on for quiet a while

until one girl decided to rile

her two friends.

she said she had a new dare in mind

to do something wild,it was time.

she said the one to search

for the heart

of the dead princess of the forest

would get a head start ,

to a life of merry and gold,

but for that their soul was to be sold

to the dead princess,who was supposedly old.

the three friends decided to believe,

this myth told by a friend who wasn’t naive.

it wasn’t that late,

just eight past twelve.

they all went in directions new

slowly further apart they grew.

one friend hadn’t gone far,

when she saw a star

a star close to the ground

it felt like there was someone around

she went closer and closer

and quickly started digging the ground

and was astounded and a little freaked

there was something unusual,

as she looked closely,she saw a heart

the one from the story

then she remembered the part

where she had to sell her soul

she threw the heart and tried to run

but,unfortunately she had won.

and in seconds her whole world crumbled down

all beneath the princess crown.

both the friends came back,

when they realized the game was lame

but never returned the storyteller

who wanted to play this game.

she still probably wander in the forest with no clue

soul less,with nothing to pursue

why her friends left her their,u ask?

they could never find her,

it was an impossible task.

what happened to her still a mystery

but she probably shouldnt have said

a story about a princess and her crown

which was history!

sabah batul.