I saw ‘Remember me’ today….it was an amazing movie.There aren’t many movies which really get to you.There is only one other movie I can think of,which kind of changed something in me.The perks of being a wallflower.

Robert Pattinson was truly amazing in this movie.He protrayed Tyler perfectly.A 22 year old guy,who has lost his way.and still feels the pain of the tragic death of his elder brother,michael. He is very close to his younger sister Caroline who is going through her own troubles at her school.and then,Tyler meets this girl,ally.she has her own troubles.but with each other all those troubles,can be faced.Tyler has this friend Aidan,who is going to the same college as ally.Tyler’s dad is having a hard time in forming a relationship with his kids. These are just a few new yorker having a tough time facing life.

Now I know I am giving away spoilers, but when Tyler dies…..its…you can feel the pain,you can understand how badly the twin towers destruction affected so many people.it wasn’t just the death of a few people.a big part was taken away from many families.many people who were lost forever,were finding their way back! something big was taken away from many people on that unfortunate day.

And u cannot even begin to think how Tyler’s friends and family feel.

in conclusion,I think that’s why the movie really touches you.Because u understand what many felt on that unfortunate day! Something u probably felt bad for a second,and  just moved on with your lives. But now u have an insight to that situation,to whatever they all might have felt,through Tyler’s life.You feel this hole inside you.You feel the pain.and u realise that many people carry that hole in them,bigger,way bigger than mine,everyday And i just cannot imagine how living like that is possible.my condolence to every person out there who suffered a big loss. I am truly sorry for your loss.