When I is thought about having my own blog,the very thought of it was scary.I resented it,and was unsure about it.And then when I wrote my first post,well I was beyond myself.I felt as though I had accomplished something,and I was very positive about it.Then months went by,and I had  writers block.And I couldn’t find a muse to write about.And when I did, I would just  procrastinate,until I didn’t feel like writing anymore.

Then I thought about starting to write my blog again,which was good.But about what? The movies I watched? I always thought I was good at reviewing movies. But that did not come out as planned.

A few months in,I started realising,I was a lost cause.Nobody visited my site,or read my blogs.I didn’t have much to write about.And to think about it,a few months ago, I was thinking I am gonna be the greatest blogger ever! I would use someones name as reference here,but I don’t read many blogs myself right now,to know any famous bloggers.I don’t really know how to find them(new at this).But I thought,If not an entire fan club,at least a few angry comments :P.I mean even criticism sometimes is for the best.I was desperate!

Anyways,things didn’t work out as I had hoped for.But the sun always comes up,at the break of dawn.Atleast where i live!.And hopefully,someday some bored reader would find my blog interesting or stupid.

And someday i’ll find a reader,who isn’t me.And to my reader I say,hang in there,I might get better at this 😛