Something terrible happened a few hours ago.Something I couldn’t have predicted,or didn’t want to.The annual pilgrimage Hajj, is almost here.And muslims from all over the world visit Kaaba,Mecca to perform Hajj.Hajj is a mandatory duty,every muslim has to perform at least once in their life,if they have the right means for it.I was looking forward to doing so myself,but couldn’t due to a few personal reasons.A few minutes ago my mom called  me,and told me that a crane collapsed near kaaba killing 65 Hajji’s in Saudi Arabia.

When someone goes on a spiritual journey,their families do not think about their safety.They just naturally expect them to reach home safely.But when something like this happens out of the blue,How do they react to it?What do they do?

For the people dead,may they rest in peace,I know they are in a better place.But my heart aches for their families.Just sometime ago they were all sitting in their homes,on their couches.And in the split of the second,life happened.They heard some news which broke their entire world to peices.Their relative who was supposed to be safe and coming back home in a few days,might be in danger now.And there is no way to reach out to them.There is nothing you can do about it,But to helplessly wait for them to reach out to you instead.Loosing control is a very scary thing for any human-being.Not being able to do anything,feeling paralyzed,it’s just maddening.And this situation is pretty similar.Their family members in a new country,a different world altogether.And you are here wondering if they are alive?

I cannot imagine what these people are feeling right now.And i don’t know what I can do to help them,or make them feel better.Its scary how death slowly sneaks in and takes away so much in so little time.Leaving not much to live for behind.

My condolence to those who lost so much today.Right now all I can do is sit and write about it,even if I want to do something.Write and try putting it all down,so I don’t forget.Don’t forget all those people who died today.Maybe that is all I can do.Try to keep something here,while  they leave.So their memories can be remembered forever.And somehow keeping them alive,somehow honouring them.Somehow mournig with their families.

May they rest in peace.