I started writing this blog a few months ago,so I am still new at this,so bear with me please.

This blog to me is a way,to keep the writing dream alive.It is my way of still holding on to,what might have been a career in journalism.It helped me get published,something I always wanted.But the past few days I have been having a writer’s block.With not much to put down,I started loosing interest in the whole idea of blogging.But just when I was gonna give up,I found Blogging 201.My beacon of light,in the darkness of my self-pity and resignation.

A few minutes ago,I read what my assignment was,went through the guidelines.Read a few blogs from the commons,to understand the assignment better.Quickly checked out if I have missed the deadline.And started writing this blog.

So without further ado,Here are my three goals.

1)To have more readers.

Right now I have nil,but I hope to build up from that,and have a few readers who like what they read.

2)To find my style.

Everybody has their own way of writing.Something on which their blog is based.But I don’t right now.I just write as I feel.Maybe that was enough before.But I am not content with it anymore.I want to have something that would make my blog special,which would make it mine.

3)To be more confident about my writing.

Like I mentioned earlier,I am new at blogging.And I hope to learn and grow, and be a better writer.So that I can share my blog with my friends and family,without any shame or second thoughts.

So those are my three goals.They aren’t really big,but  I hope to accomplish them soon.:)