I got my second assignment from Blogging 201 today,and it got me thinking about my brand.What do I want it to be?It was one of my goals to find my style,and that thing which made me unique.But I had no idea what is what going to be.With all the confusion and frustration due to the lack of an answer to give,I decided to go to my happy place.Now my happy place is an imaginary world.I made it up to run away from reality,and to also experience all the new things that I want to try. All the places I want to visit,but do not have the means to do so.But I can still have all that in my head.And I do not need money,or transport or anything else for that.

So, I made up this whole different world.With these two characters,Austin James and Sairah Parker.And I saw the world with their eyes.But I never wrote about them,or told anyone about it,that is until now.

So why think so much about a brand,when I had one with me all this while.The story of Austin and Siarah.

I wrote my first blog today,on my site sabahbatul.wordpress.com

Please visit it,and read ‘Austin meets Sairah’.

And its not that great,but I hope with time,I will get better at this.


Happy Blogging:)