Revolution.If you google the word it says, ‘a forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favour of a new system’.


I haven’t been through many revolutions, but I have read about a few of them in my history text books. It always made me feel pride in the human race. To see how far we have come, even after the probation enforced by ‘society’. Society, a self-proclaimed government. Who haven’t accomplished anything much, than to stunt the development around them. Their rules unknown, their power strong, and their interference in our lives, over the top!


Anyway, that’s not my topic today. Coming back to the issue at hand, Revolutions.

I always wanted to take part in marathons, or protests for change. Because that way I would contribute to something I believe in. Be a part of something bigger than my existence. But I sadly haven’t had the chance to do that yet. It is on my Bucket list though, so I hope to do it soon! Apart from protests and marathons, voting is also a way to bring change. And there are many others to add to that list. Our generation hasn’t had the chance to experience many revolutions.We haven’t had the chance to fight for ‘the change’. We should consider ourselves lucky for that, and be thankful to our ancestors. But we were lucky enough to experience Gay marriage being made legal a few weeks ago. That was pretty big. And I was here to see that happen, even though I didn’t contribute much. I felt happy to witness it.

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Here,we all miss out another revolution taking place. Or probably we notice it, but ignore as it makes us sad. The revolution taking place in Syria and Gaza. We know it’s happening, but what are we doing about it? Didn’t we all ask ourselves this question during those history classes at school,’What would I do if I was there?’

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Well,time to answer that question.I haven’t done much,for now.But I want to change that today.Even though this is not a lot,but I am going to blog about this.And get my reader’s attention about it.And this way,even though small,I am participating in a revolution.Won’t you?

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They are going through a lot,but still holding their ground.The things happening to them are almost inhumane.Their families killed in front of them.Loosing their homes.But through all that,they are fighting for freedom.They aren’t asking for much.Just the chance to live in peace,in their homes,with their families.Not loosing their loved ones.It isn’t much to ask for,is it?

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So,lets help them out here!!Lets bring a Revolution.And be a part of something Big!

For more information about the crisis in Syria, I would like to recommend a blog I follow myself;


I respect this blogger’s, for what they are doing!And I wish them best of luck:)

I hope you guys liked what you read,and I was able to help you understand this situation better.And I hope you guys will be a part of this Revolution.

Have a good day 🙂