I got my third assignment from Blogging 201 today.I was pretty excited to open the mail.But when I did ,that feeling of excitement turned into confusion.It said,’Give ‘Em what they want.’ What?!..Give them what they want? I can’t do that! Sometimes they are unable to do that,for themselves.Anyway,as I continued reading the e-mail,it said that I had to check out my stats.And see what my readers like,And try writing related posts,So they enjoy it.And I tried doing that,I really did.But  with the voice in my head constantly asking me to write something which would please others,was not very inspirational.That was until I realized I didn’t have to that.I have a handful followers as for now,9 to be accurate(Hope to have more in the future. **Fingers crossed**.) And they don’t expect me to impress them! I write as I feel,and if they find that relatable,they enjoy it.If not,the stories of my life are still fun to read 😉

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I haven’t had much to write about the past few days,but life keeps throwing you lemons.So i will keep making lemonade,and sharing it with you through my

I hope i didn’t go too far with that metaphor:P

I am still figuring out what I write about,still finding my way.And I have come far from where I started.And I am thankful to God for that.And for now,I  have a story line in my head,for my new blog

And I hope that story in my head leads to something good.But till then,I hope my posts keep you interested.And  your encouragement,would inspire me to write more!And get better at this.

So,with a smile and lots of goals to accomplish,for now I leave you guys, with Phil Dunphy,Modern Family…:D


Have a good day:)