Day 2 Of writing 201,and a new challenge.A poem about a gift or gifts.In Acrostic form,Device- Simile.

Now I had to think a lot,as to what I was going to write about.And this is what I came up with.This is my attempt to Day 2’s assignment.My first Acrostic ever! So bare with me.

It is inspired by my mother’s gift to me.Inspired,by a  conversation we had years ago.And dedicated to my mother,Mehraj Fathima.Love you mom ❤ 🙂
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       A Gift For You My Love.

Today my love I gift thee,

A gift my Mother gave me.

       Be it a gift,unlike others You will get,

Endowing you with its favours forever.

 Never will it be stolen or be found.

Earning the respect for you, of those around.

Forever like the bright sun,

Always may it bring light in your life,if dull.Because,

Cruel life can be,

This gift will always for you,have mercy.

It is the gift of education,

On this day I give,to you my love.

Nursery,your FIRST steps in the long run.

A bright future,happiness for you,And my jobs done.

Take this gift and fly!

                      -from your dearest mum.

                                                                                         -Sabah Batul 🙂