In reply to The Thought Card’s,’Picture this’ challenge.

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A long day at work.And my boss is being a superficial jerk,as usual! I am already tired,and hung over from last night’s party.And now he wants me to finish the job,I was supposed to do last week.What a jerk! Right?!!

Oh,great! Now he is knocking on my door.Super annoying! Maybe if I act busy,he would go away.I cannot have another conversation with this guy.I don’t know what my dad saw in him,when he gave him that promotion.I totally deserved it.I was sober for FIVE whole days,to show my seriousness towards the job.But the old man,can’t be impressed!

“What are you doing? I have been knocking for quite a while now.Why didn’t you open the door? Neil,look at me when I speak to you!” He exclaimed out of frustration.

I turned around,and calmly replied,”I am sorry,I can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome I am”.His face turned red with anger.I turned back,and went back to my thoughts.About all the pretty girl’s numbers,I got at the party last night.