Day 5 with Writing 201.And the challenges get tougher.But it is helping me to improve as a writer,and I am really happy about that. 🙂

So today’s word-Map.Form-Ode.Device-Metaphor.I am not sure if this is an ode.But here goes….

Your ever-loving sister.


Show me the way,

I am lost in pain,

Everything’s turning grey,

And my hearts broken down to grains!

The tears are making a second Nile,

And that’s no exaggeration,

You know,Vulnerable is not my style.          images (1)

I am lost in a tunnel,at a strange station.

The man from the movies said,

Here I would find my light.

But it’s darker than a moonless night.

And my friend loneliness,screams!

And sanity seems like a dream!

Show me the way friend,

Bring your map,

I know we haven’t made amends,

But forgive me,and let anger nap.Angels-of-Heaven-who-bring-Good-Tidings-from-Heaven-jesus-

For only some time,because my soul vaporise,

by the second,

And I need to find earth’s heaven,

And all the angels in disguise.images

For forgiveness of this sin,

So I could be with you,my twin.

Coming back to reality,

I am now looking at the scene in front of me,

Blood of the man of your dreams,                  images (2)

On my hands,Pale and dead he seems,

Forty messages I left and no reply,He

and I,weren’t cheating on you.

I need you to know the truth,

and he wouldn’t agree to lie with me,

so he had to go,

Because no one comes between me and you,Cho!

– Your ever-loving sister Ruth ❤

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