I will grow up another day!

A lost cause,                                                       1661317-bigthumbnail

A broken ship,

Peter and his friends are off the hook.

An end to the villain,a crook!

Tick-Tock is out for his dinner now.

Now that Hook’s gone,

An old problem comes in view.

Growing up and having to sail,

On your own journey,

Where dreams can go stale,

Being an unhappy women,and shrew 😦

Or maybe that’s a myth,                        images (1)

And growing old is not so bad,

You can still visit the candy story,

Taking naps still drive you mad!

If that’s what it all is,

Then I don’t want to be a lost boy,

I am a girl,so didn’t fit the name,

But my friends and I can grow,and employ.

I mean,getting a job,                             images (4)

Is not that what growing up means?

Responsibilities,a husband,

Paying bills,And trying to make the earth green,again!

All these thoughts,

Take my time,

And the boys call out for me,

Peter,Tinker and Wendy are here,images (2)

A picnic,yay! We are going to the sea.

Maybe I will grow up another day,

I hope that’s up to me,

For now I want to play in dirt,

fool around,laugh and cry.Be carefree!

So come on boys,let’s go….

Let’s go out and play,

Not a single woe.                                                       images (3)

Here for now I stay.

Peter brought new friends,And Tinker has new tricks to show! Merry is the day!! 😀

-Sabah Batul.