Day 6 with Writing 201.And I have to admit,I found this to be the most challenging assignment yet! But I still gave it a try.Hope you enjoy it:)

Word-Faces.Form-Found Poetry.Device-Chiasmus.

May grandpa rest in peace.


Dark day,faces sad,

At the funeral.Emily had lost her dad.

Forever cold life will be,

She imagined to live in pure misery.

Her five-year old,was confused and scared,

Why was mommy in despair?

At her sad face,she stared.

She told her mother,

“Mommy,Happiness can be found

in the darkest of times,

If one remembers to turn on the light inside,

Because being sad forever is a crime!

Isn’t it mommy?”

The innocent eyes,waited for an answer.

What to tell her,Emily wasn’t sure.

But she got her message right,

Light finds happiness, happiness is found in light!

With a forced smile on her face.

Emily nodded,and the little girl’s curiosity was ceased.

She quietly prayed,”May grandpa rest in peace.”

-Sabah Batul.

The italicized lines are taken from Harry Potter,The Prisoner Of Azkaban.

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I have quoted Albus Dumbledore here.My favorite lines from the series.Something to be practised in your daily life.:D

Have a good day ahead ๐Ÿ™‚