Day 7 with Writing 201.And the word is- Neighborhood.Form-Ballad.Device-Assonance.  images (7)

I did not know what to write about.What to do with the word…? Then inspired by my neighbor,playing his guitar.And the song,”Mere saamne waale khidki mey…” From the movie ‘Padosan’.I came up with this.:)

FYI,This story is pure fiction.Any resemblance to any living or dead person,is simply coincidental. 😛

Two strangers on a new street.

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I was minding my own business,

A new house and all that cleaning to do! Bored.

Just then I hear,

The sound of music next door.

Left the duster aside,

Opened my window wide,

To find,

A new voice.Ehh.Just some noise,

I went back to doing my chores.download (3)

Days went by,

And the beautiful voice of the stranger wasn’t shy.

Now he sang loud and clear,

He didn’t care about his window audience near.

And slowly his songs started to grow on me.download (4)

Every time he let his tunes go on beyond,

My heart would sing along.

Oh oh ohh,the songs went by.

Loving the new neighbourhood,

I am not going to lie!

Finally one day,the decision was made.

My melodious neighbour is going to ask me on date.

I will introduce myself and wait….

And we will go out! And one day get married,download (5)

in a chapel of course,without doubt!

In my own delusion,I lived.

Started putting a face to his voice.

Green eyes,dark and bold face.

His handsome features made my heart race! images (10)

Then one morning, I had enough courage to say ‘Hi’.

Waited for him to come.Casually walked nearby.

Then he did,and I smiled at him.

He looked confused,He didn’t know me yet.

Then followed him a tall women,

She held his hand in her own,                                  images (9)

“Who is it babe?”

She asked about the unknown.

“I don’t know.Just a neighbour from here.”

He guessed.

I turned around and walked home quickly.Distressed.

“Just a neighbor?”

I cried,For hours! I lost count.

When I came back to my senses,I realized.   images (8)

Smiling I said,”We are just two strangers on a new street!

Crazy me.Imagining all that,

about my new neighbor.” 😛

-Sabah Batul.