Day 8 with Writing 201.Word-Flavour.Form-Elegy.Device-Enumeratio.

I am not sure about this poem.But this is me trying.My interpretation of the word flavour.Tell me what you think….:)

Death,my angel.Take me away!


I have lived a long life,

Seen it all.Statue of liberty,Eiffel tower,Mona Lisa,garden park,the mall.

So come death,my angel.

Take me away!

Twenty years were long enough to live on earth,images (4)

now I want to taste the fire of hell.

I have flipped the coin,into the wishing well.

Make my wish true!

Come on Death,my angel.Take me to hell.

Long labour days,images

Fulfilling nights.

Dinner parties,charities,first of may.

I have fought all of the fights.

Been there,done all that.

Come on Death,my angel.Take me away stat!

Now Hopes have drowned,

families lost.images (2)

Mistakes made,apologies arrived.

Thank you notes written.

I wrote my will.

So death,my angel.Take my soul.

Make my body still.

I have no words left to say,

No love to give,

No obstacles on my way.Β images (1)

Tried life here,

Wasn’t the flavour I liked.

Take me to the eternal life,

Steal me away in the night.

images (3)

Do it now,

right away!

Give me your hand,pull me away from the pain.

Nothing left here to wait,

May today on my tombstone,marked as the date.

That Death,my angel.

Took me away.

The end of what many call life.images (5)

End of my strife.

If you don’t come,I will have to summon you.

I have options,Magic,Dark arts,Suicide.

Come soon,hurry if you must.

But,come Death,my angel.

Take me away!

-Sabah Batul.