Day 9 with Writing 201.Word-Cold.Form-Concrete Poetry.Device-Epistrophe/Anaphora.

Concrete poetry really got me.But I still gave it a try.

This is my interpretation of the word ‘Cold’.My assignment for today…:)

 My recipe for a good turkey 😀

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Cold as ice,

with everything nice,

sugar and spice…!

My recipe for a good turkey 😀

My mother-in law is coming over, images (7)

and her heart is colder,

than the turkey in the fridge.

But this meal with fix the ridge,

between us.With

My recipe for a good turkey 😀

My boyfriend and I, images (8)

It was a meet cute.

We soon fell in love!

On our tenth date,For him

I cooked on my stove.With

My recipe for a good turkey 😀

I am a great cook.

That is what steve and my mom say.

But my friends never visit home.

We meet at restaurants searched on google chrome.download (3)

If they had come,

They would have tasted,

My recipe for a good turkey 😀

Anyway,I have to unfreeze,

The cold turkey.And make a cold ice tea.

I am tired you see.images (9)

But I see my boyfriend come down…

He looks nervous.

“Hey,what’s wrong?”

Cold sweats run down his cheek.

“You are freaking me out! ”

I say,panicked.

                          He got down on one knee. “Babe,I love you more   

                       Than I have ever loved before! You make

                   my heart skip a beat,Every time

                      I see you.And I didn’t know

                    my heart could do that,

                    before you.Will you

                    Marry me?”

download (2)

“Yes..Yes!” I screamed with joy!!images (10)

And the story of this sweet proposal,

Will be one to tell! Love my boyfriend!

I mean fiance!!! ❤ 😀

And it all happened over dinner.

When I was cooking,

My lucky dish.With,

My recipe for a good turkey 😀

-Sabah Batul.