Day 10,with Writing 201.Last day…hmmm..how did that happen so fast?
Anyway,I loved reading all your poems…Have met talented writers here.Hope I can stay friends with many!! All the best for your futures:D I have learned a lot from this University.Thank you Ben huberman 🙂 Goodbye Writing 201 🙂

Today’s word Pleasure.Form sonnet.Device Apostrophe.

I took the word Pleasure to describe the immoral pleasure Pedophiles take in hurting little kids.It is the worst of crimes! And I have tried to write about the disgusting nature of some sinister human-beings. It is not great,but I tried…

                   His immoral pleasure.

imagesChildren on grounds high,

Home to them it is.

They were small drops of hope passing by.

Until he found them,For his

own immoral pleasure.A shameful cry,

That that low humans can be.

What vile and disgusting greed you see!

Didn’t it ever bother him? Their little wails for mercy!

A new chubby kid at camp.

Bullies aren’t sweet to him.

One night they chased him into his clamp.

The unholy man,waiting for his prey.To begin,

His evil intentions into action.The kid fought to be free, in vain!

It was only the beginning of his grief and pain,and discomfort!

-Sabah Batul.