Till Death Did Them part.

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I saw a boy in my dream,download

He claimed to be dead.

He told me about his family,

And the tears that were shed.

But I could see a spark

in his eyes,

Which were timid but bright.

With a will to fight.

He said his life,bewafa-shayari

was short and sweet.

And his heart,

Lost on slippery sleet.

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His pale fingers,

Went through his hair.

As he told me a story,

Which two hearts shared.

Not like others.

No,she was different.download (4)

Searching the crowd,

for a world that meant.

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She was lost and scared.

With a wild look on her face.

She ran across the street,

Like she was lost in a maze.

Her name was Mary,

She was in shock.

As she had lost her husband,

Under death’s cold rock.

She screamed and cried,images (3)

looking for his dwelling place. 

Looking for the stone,

On which his name was engraved.

They once met,download (2)

in the innocent age.

And their story continued,

on life’s stage.

Until death came in,

wearing a black cloak.

And pulled him from her,

Forever in a stroke.

Left alone in the middle.images (9)

Helpless,desperate,all alone!

Waiting to meet him,

In need to emancipate,soul her own.

She can still see him smile,images (4)

As she walks down the aisle,

As they  are ready to vow from their heart.

Till death do us part.

In the same church,1-whelan-5

she sits on that unfortunate day.

In a wooden box,

Lifeless he lay.

Many eyes could not stand to see, images (1)

the couple’s love separated by destiny.

Her cries for help were loud and shrill,

As was taken his body,that was still.

“Stop! Please stop!”

As I could hear no more.

As their voyage of love,

had lost its shore.

How could she see him leave.images (5)

Holding the hand,

of an unseen angel,

called death in some land.

He looked at me,

then went to a spot.

With a stormy wind,

in thin dust he was lost.

I woke up from my dream,

and went to his grave.

And saw a girl weeping there,

And was amazed.

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It was Mary,sitting there with a rose.

She hummed a tune,

With a throat that was sore,

Looking at the grave of he who was no more.

I sat  there crying myself,

waiting for her to leave.

But suddenly,the tune stopped.

And she said her last words in brief.

“Loved you from the moment we met.images (8)

Letting you go,I regret.

To be with you,here I come.

For eternity our love has won.”

The widow just laid there still,images (7)

with a smile she had lost with will.

A few months ago,with a scream.

For the boy I saw in my dream.

                            -Sabah Batul.