This is a short poem I wrote for my mom on her birthday.A thank you note from a little girl to her mommy 😀

I hope you like it:)

You were there!

images (11)

My first scream,images (16)

My first cry,

or the first tooth I lost.

The first time I fell,

or the first words I said,

You were there with me!

By my side,

Through all my firsts!images (15)

And seconds….and thirds..!!!

You were there with me!

With patience and a calm

soothing smile. 🙂

Now it’s going to take some while,

to count them all.

So,I’m just going to sum it up and say.

Thank you Mom,for

being with me,images (14)

and helping me find my way.

And I LOVE YOU..so

so much!

More than anything in the world.

And mommy, thanks for being my BAE ❤

                                -Sabah Batul.