The Scarecrow.

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I was the girl who ran the fields free.

I was happy.

But now tears run down my cheek,

as this letter is being written.

All this pain,

and the hurting

is getting out of my hands.

I have been lied to more than I can remember.

I have been deceived forever,now.

I was a simple country girl on my field.

He came with hopes.

The scarecrow guy,

With his lying ropes.

He pulled me in with his lies,

Promised to let me touch the skies.

I was naive,

Listened to his calls.

Missed out the hints of cheat.

Missed him using my dreams as dolls.

To hurt for his gain,

For dough in his bag.

He could have just asked,

I would give it without nag.

But he chose to hurt me,

and he had help.

He lured family in,

To make me yelp.

Now he has me in his hold.

I have to be bold,

and break free.

From the scarecrow who frightens me.

I am fighting nana,

I am fighting hard,

But all hell is broken,

and the flames have consumed a lot.

I don’t know who to trust,all believe is naught.

So I write this letter.

Please come for me.

Save me from him,take me away.

Wipe my tears,make the pain not stay.

Come nana,I await.Pretty please!

From your girl,

who once ran the fields free.

-Sabah Batul.