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Once upon a lazy sunday,I spent my time watching cartoons with my brother.He was suffering with cold and fever,and I was suffering from procrastination of my homework.We both sat eyes glued to the t.v.And we were obviously watching, Doraemon 😛

For those of you who don’t know doraemon.


Doraemon is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by the manga writing team Fujiko Fujio. The series has also been adapted into a successful anime series and media franchise. Wikipedia

He is a robot from the 22nd century.Who is the channel on every 21st century kids t.v.Gone were the days,when I watched different cartoons.Now this is what I watch,every time my brother has the remote.

Anyway,while I was watching it.I realised how Doraemon lives on the catastrophes in Nobita’s life.Nobita is a pre teen,to whose rescue Doraemon has come for from the future,with time travel.To guide him.And help him out.download (4)

All good here? NO. Doraemon lives on Nobita’s problems.Nobita needing him is his fuel and energy to live.His reason to get out of bed everyday.But what when Nobita grows up.And he stops needing his childhood images (2)
friend.What is Doraemon going to do with his life then? Jump to the next
kid? But that’s not what he would probably want.

That’s not what Woody wanted in Toy story 3. But that’s life.Always moving forward….

download (1)I mean isn’t that what happened in Friends ? Joey didn’t want his best friend to leave.It’s not going to be the same,with him living miles away.And busy with his own family and responsibilities.But that still happened.The group drifted apart.The same in How I met your mother, and so many other famous sitcoms.

imagesWhat are they trying to tell us through all of these Sad/Happy endings.That there is no I’ll be there for you ? There is no forever with friends? You are bound to end up lonely with eleven cats in a stinky old apartment? Your friend is not going to be you next door crazy cat lady neighbour? You have to say Goodbye at some point of your life?

Made me sad,to think of all of this.I was still amidst all these thoughts.And oh wait.

images (1)“Did my brother just change the channel? Did he just get rid of Doraemon?! No,I can’t let this happen.Doraemon is not loosing his friend today! Hey,change the channel back to Doraemon.”

To which my brother,calmly replied.

“I never changed the channel.This is just the commercial.”

Wheew! Thank God,atleast he is not growing up today 🙂

I looked at him,and quickly went back to watching the ‘Maggie returns’ advertisement.My thoughts went download (2)to my favourite noodles.

“Oh Yipee,my dear dear Yipee..! Drifting back to another deep thought:P”

                                                                –Sabah Batul .