Screenshot_2016-06-03-00-26-18.png         THE DARK CHAPTER OF MY LIFE 
Closed doors.
Open eyes.
Standing in search,
For the lost light.

Happiness a new Dream
Pearls of joy,with a shy gleam.

Now the curtains are closed.
The show is done!
Colors drained.
Yet alive a fire to burn!

But people have comments snide.
About my audacity,
And dreams naive.

Somnolence they say,
Is one of my faults few.
But I know,
It gives me a better view.

Of what I want.
What I need.
Ways to fulfill my greed,
For love,joy and company!

So even with not much with me,
I fight against the gifts of destiny.
In hope to succeed,
In hope to enjoy the little things,
In my life.

So in the end,
All that’s left to say,
The dark chapter of my life 
Has met the light of day.
And the beginning of a new story,
has found its way.
-Sabah Batul.