To let her go.


When they called,

the world froze.

Cannot be true,

Must be a hoax!

I stood still and dead.

I could feel my blood turn cold and blue

from red. On the inside,

I screamed and cried for help!

I needed you to hold my hand,

And help me find the energy

To breathe and stand.

My whole world had shattered around me,

Making no sound!

Everything was burning down to the ground.

“I need to hear your voice”,

I said to myself.

I need the melody and power of soothe,

You hold against me.

You have to tell me

That everything will be okay!

Everything will be fine.

We will keep meeting at the cross roads of life.

You will be there when I pick up the phone.

You will be there when I need to mourn,

About things small and big!

About my favorite band performing a gig.

But here I am,

With not a shadow beside.

A word full.

Yet empty without you on my side.

It’s all chaos here Lori,

It’s all a mess!

Doctors and nurses running around stressed!

But I am still in shock and denial,

I still don’t believe their lies.

You can’t leave me.

You can’t choose to leave

Without telling me why.

You have to come back

For one last time.

You have to talk to me,

Be here..for us to chime!

Please come back to Me!


A few days later,

Friends and families came together

to say goodbye.

To pay their respects for the gone by.

And amidst all the

sad souls and tears.

There was a  heart-broken

Like never before!

A soul turned black,

Touched by the sorrows of death.

Someone who had lost something

That more than a world to them meant.

It was the person who would never truly find the strength,

To let go….

To let go…..

To let her best friend go…!

-Sabah batul.