We met on a street,
don’t remember which one.
It was a day different from others,
reasons unknown.
The sky was blue,
The flowers few,
were prettier than they were yesterday.
I walked on the sidewalk,
like I did.
Taking sips from my coffee,
like I did.
But it all felt new,
it was all different.

I crossed that road,
that lead me to my destination.
To a job I loathe,
but a dream for the creation.

It was all the same,
until there were stars
in the daylight,
amidst the gloom.
Stars only I could see.
They were followed by honking cars.
I felt I had already met my knight,
but not my groom.

I shut my eyes slowly.
It all felt very dramatic,
as thought time had slowed down its ticking,
to give me those few seconds of fame.
The few seconds,which were the ony ones,
without my regrets and blames.
Without counting the mistakes,
or the road not taken.
No,all the inner screams were gone.
Felt as though all the pain,
and troubles had left me…as though i was born.

Born to meet you,
Born for this fortunate walk today.
Born to leave my mark here,
Born to be near
fates dark rays.

After a while,
I could hear different voices around.
Those which were familiar,
those which didn’t last long.

As our small date,
was coming to an end.
You were to leave now,
Leave, your long waited friend.
As you had shown her the way to live now.

The best part though,
was that I was to leave too!
A Journey of my own,
closer drew.
As I drifted away from something I resent.
A day-to-day walk on a street,
for which I was meant.

Now all that didn’t matter,
as I broke free,
from invisible chains
of love and degrees.

I have now come to a lane new,
on which again I am meant to take,
walks few.
A place where you all readers shall meet me again.
– Sabah Batul.