My moments started when I wore my first mask,
Oh what a beautiful day.
The day I hid my scars,and blue emotions away.
Since then, I started writing to my name a mystery,
which was to never be told.
Just a personal diary,where distress was stored.
Pages of my grief were filled everyday.
Every struggle and loss,veiled.
And slowly I made up moments,
Moments which would steer my life on its own berm.
My moments and yours….

The moment you mark as the moment of lost smiles.
When all around you is just shattered hope.
When breathing is a job.
The moment you knew it’s all over!
Covering all the alleged bases of depression.
Yeah that moment.
When u supposedly find clarity.
You get an epiphany. But you don’t.
When your whole world has come down to just lost pieces of a worn out puzzle.
Your eyes filled with tears,
Your visions blur,
and your skin feels hot.
When you’re short of breathe.
Yeah that moment.
When u find magic…
Which will be your wick. But u don’t.
When everything is lost…
and hope is just the knight of someone else’s story.
Yeah that moment.
When u try to pick yourself up,
And you don’t know how.
When all the lights are switched off. When you face a new low.
Yeah that moment.
When you say to yourself,
I have never felt so far away from me…
and u never find your way back…
When you’re writing a story, with just cruel jokes.
And your fairy takes a dark turn.Yeah that moment.

When there are no words left to describe the pain you feel..
Yeah that moment.
That’s now..
Yeah that moment.
And there isn’t much to it…but ceaseless emptiness.