The room never seemed emptier than tonight.The morgue was a bit much for hazing the pledges,But how did Sarah get locked inside? She just came here following Tiffany, the prettiest girl she ever laid eyes on. Who wasn’t anywhere to be seen. The pledge came here every night. ‘But why?’, she thought to herself as the silence creeped in,and the lights suddenly went out! Had she gone too far for love this time?
“Tiffany..Tiffany!”, she screamed,hoping the yelling would take away the fear that was filling her up. Her eyes adjusted to the darkness but all she could make out was the shape of the tables around, and the walls filled with dead bodies. She waited for something to happen like it does in the movies. But it didn’t. The darkness stayed and so did the lack of the ghosts she expected to see. Someone would help me in the morning she assumed and waited in a corner. But no one did. And slowly Sarah added to the silence with her own. The dark got darker.
Two full moons later,Gamma si threw their famous mask party. The party was a blast. And at twelve when the masks came off, Jeane saw Sarah again. The most beautiful girl she ever laid eyes on. Before she could find the courage to speak to her, Sarah left the party,again. Where did she go every night? Nobody knew. Jene stood and watched, maybe she should follow her this time, she thought to herself. Take the risk, And go far in love…
-Sabah Batul