Unhelpful cries,unmovable he lies.
The little dew drop in his catch.
The older man locked the latch…

His innocence was not his to take.
His skin was not his to be touched.
But that didn’t stop the foul uncle.
His unholy actions were in place.
The kid searched for his parents to chase away,
the relative that shouldn’t stay.
The relative that didn’t stop even after having his way.

Every night, his room was a nightmare,
that he shared with his uncle.
What was this for? His small mind
couldn’t understand.
What mistake was this a punishment for?
Couldn’t understand.
The kid stayed sick after he left.
Not knowing the depth,
of the crime he was a victim to.
His uncles actions weren’t explained at school.
A few days later, on the TV.
He heard protesters scream in disbelief.
That a pedophile shouldn’t walk free.
Constant pain,and continued misery,
is still small for his sin.
No forgiveness a Pedo should ever win!
The kid was shocked,
“What’s a pedo?”, he asked.
“Did he deserve all this wrath?”
The parents exchanged looks and changed the channel.
The uncle walked out of the room.
Parents unaware that the question needed to be answered.
The answer that would help the kid understand.
That the nights pain,waiting him in advance,
was a crime that needed to be stopped.
Someone needed to take his anguish away!
It was okay to tell his parents.
Not stand gawped,
at the news on TV.
Awaiting another night of disgusting eerie.

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