An immoral day,
stress and adult reality.
Walking to the coffee shop,
just useless mental thoughts.
Our eyes meet,
I fall head over heels, for you.
You must be my Passer-by.
The one I need,the one I was looking for.
After a day of me living a grave offence,
the illegal act of living dead!
But I know
redemption for me,
would be our lights flickering through the night.

Our fingers entwine.
The lazy night goes by.
the lights are switched off.
Darkness fills the room.
With pleasure my body is doomed.
You smile and enjoy my gratified cries.
To my every need your body oblige.
Inch by inch we discover ourselves anew.
My bliss you find amidst the dew.
Pleasure fills every sinful part of me,
as you find your way,making me dizzy.
You fill my body with your power
I know climax isnt afar.
Your heat and mine,
and your rhythm of come and go.
The great fire has now reached my toes.
Your strong arms,your manhood,
couldn’t be louder my pleading need.
Of more and more. More of your seed.
The nights darker,and our bodies are faster.
Everything is blurred,
your craving is heard.
I give back the joy I received.
Soft kisses,and I feel your loins peeved.
Swallows of arousal and steaming heat.
No words can describe the orgasmic eve.
I back away but you pull yourself back in me.
Your waves of love enter me slowly.
The music of the night is at its peak.
Gentle surges and depths of our desire
take the night away…
Senses heightened, end reached.
Our bodies drew apart from each other.
Tired the sex slaves lay.
The sensational night came to an end.
Our beauty found in each other as was meant.
As morning birds are to wake,
another passer-by of the night
picks up his bits to leave,kisses break.
The goodbyes are said.
Yet another clone to discover my ample needs.
I lie down by myself,
in perception of the empty night ahead.
Another dreadful day to live,
out of my Holy Bed.
I fall into a heavy dreamless sleep.
Without a thought about…
What must the passer-by of tonight dream?

-Sabah Batul.