Kiss me now
Teach me how..
Teach me how it’s done.
Teach me how a kiss is won.
How do I get it right?
Get it perfect that fireworks
are seen.
Take your time, as lurks
my first kiss waiting for you to lean.
Lean in me.
Touch my lips.
Get the fire started.
Get my skin to tingle.
Make me half-hearted.
Give my all you have,
So that my other half leaves with you.
Whatever you do make sure you do…
Kiss me long,hold me tight.
It’s my first kiss.
So I again plead.
Please get it right.
I won’t get it back again.
My first kiss.
So I want it to be special.
So special that I never forget.
How everything felt,
When I was in your arms.
As the world stopped.
And everything turned warm.
Warm and fuzzy,beauty all around.
All this I want in our first round.

So I again ask kiss me now,
Teach me how.
Teach me how it’s done.
Teach me how a kiss is won.
As I don’t ask for much from you.
Just kiss me like in the movies,
And I’ll be wooed!
As it is,
My first kiss.
Forever this moment I’ll cherish.

These words were written down
by a girl in white.
The little untouched princess.
An example for chastity,
A loyal wife.
Wife to the dead.
A man she never met.
A man to whom she was wed.
Wed in her early years.
And so now she gets to wait,
Wait to hear,
Or feel or see, Love.
But she only waits.
Waits, for her
First kiss.
As her husband was the only life she were to live.

-Sabah Batul.