I have something to say today,
As I sit in this peaceful graveyard.
It’s our story.
So listen, it might be important.
Let’s talk about the Fairy tale for a while.
The place where everything is alright.
Where serendipity is magic.
Where your fear of death isn’t tragic.

Now, let’s talk about the Horror fable.
Where no one is stable.
Where serendipity surely ain’t magic.
Where your fear of goodbyes isn’t tragic.
Welcome to my world,
Where staying sane is just a lie.
Where we pretend till we die.
We are all actors here.
We are all in a play.
We disappear into our darkness at the end of the day.
Here rains end only in droughts.
Love and trust, are always doubts.
Where one night stays
are the closest way
to company.
Where reading a book is the closest
Ull get to an epiphany.
Here in my world,
Little kids are raped.
People are judged for their looks and shape.
Men hit women till they’re blue.
Our leaders are shrew.
A faulted world.

This is my world,different from yours.
The Fairy tale and the Horror fable.
In fact, they are divided by only a grave.
On your side you stand
seeing death as your enemy.
On my side I stand
Knowing the true enemy.
It’s living, mourning, saying goodbye.
Hiding your feelings,not able to cry.
Being left behind to live the fable.
Where no one is stable.
It’s the way my world I see.
You live in it too.
The world from which the departed are free.
Here all the truths are lies.
Here I’ll stay and never be alright.
But hey, let me stop all this blabber now.
As I have to get back to live and mourn my death.
As I don’t get to live. No one lets me.

-Sabah Batul