In the walls of the asylum I found intrigue,
Intrigue clearly out of my league.
I found the wait which was worth,
With a new patients birth.
Even though his halo was followed by ominous clouds.
I need to hail his presence.
Yes I am crazy, but so is his essence.
Crazier than any of my inmates.
And that is what I need maybe.
That’s what my heart was longing for.
I’ll only know if he is conscious.
Conscious and precise.
I’ll know then if his thoughts hold morbidity.
Morbidity, insanity, cruelty,murder.
I need to know if he has it all.
I keep staring at him.
I mix up my words, I stutter.
I understand it makes me desperate.
But he draws me in, with
His lost eyes.
That make me shiver,
Loose balance,
Makes audible their whimper and wails,
Followed by his confident hails,
as he called for Satan.
Sold his victims souls.
Holding them by the neck,
Making offerings at evils deck.
I don’t expect you to understand me, but doctor he might make me whole.
We are each other’s ghoul.
So you let him go now.
We don’t want to be your diagnostic dolls anymore.
And I’ll stop with the ECT.
Let him go with me.
And maybe I’ll stop
Ill stop this pain.
Maybe Ull see then.
Finding a guy is tough on a girl.
I have gone through a lot!
I can’t live here being caught.
I have to be free,and in love with him.
And we’ll live happily ever after.
Because im never delusional, you know it.

-Sabah Batul