I might be a wallflower.
Boring, you don’t want to take a second look.
I might be too plain.
Vanilla, you don’t like my flavour when you cook.
I might be meek.
Timid, I can’t stand for myself against a crook.
I might be ignorant.
Stupid, you assume you can’t share with me your wisdom of books.
I might be apprehensive.
Anxious, with every situation I’m shook.

I might be. Oh, I just might be all that.
And a lot more.
But it is not your place to judge.
Because they might be my flaws,
Not yours to drudge.
I am not to be fixed or changed.
Or your new report to progress.
I am who I am. Myself I proudly address.
Just a name to you, I might be.
But to me I am my world. I am my
always zestful beauty.
A truth I learned.

I am glad I did, because now I can be more.

-Sabah Batul