Only if it was easier to cross my lines and reach my limit.

If it was only easier to fly to where you are.

But I cannot without the fear of obliterate.

I cannot without loosing what I thought I want.

Until I can, parameters matter.

And I stay on ground, because I am not ready yet.

I am losing a chance at our something, beast.

For what it’s worth you were the something I didn’t know existed for me.

You were the chivalry in a plummeting world.

I wish we could quibble more.

But I guess I have to look forward to petulant brutes now.

Until then, here’s to a chance we never got.

Here’s to all the problems in our lives we never shared.

Here’s my tribute to my almost.

I was opening up,but it was your time to close.

So dear beast I hope we cross paths again.

Until then, you will be my almost, Love.

Beauty sends regards to Beast

-Sabah Batul.