I had one.
The postcard dream,
without my envelope,
the one with lucid deeds.
There were moaning sights,
lust and thrust,
more than I could bite.

Beautiful it was,
Beautiful and empowering.
I want to see it again,
With a new character starring.
The new adventure,
derogate from my daily trails.
Makes me come
before I turn stale.

For this dream,
I want him.
Him whose perfume alone
gets my blood running hot.
His hoarse voice,
and my control lost.
With every clothing he is to lose,
and the flavors we have to choose,
before he begins to taste me.
The depths amidst my glee.
Slowly, mouthful, luscious.
And we are on a new spree.
The kind which requests,
Attention to each others
hidden nests.
From yours I swallow and yearn.
Yearn for more,
Until your scream and groan I learn.
Our skin hot, breathes deep.
More coming to feel.
Many more kisses indeed.
Yes, I want to dream tonight.
Feel his girth. Understand my needs more.
I want to relive every moment of it
to its sensual height.

-Sabah Batul