Are u listening?
They were attacked today.
People are trying to find blame.
But that’s not our gray.
Our ages gray is their distress.
And their last difficult breathes.
Their struggle to see the world.
Their struggle to live.
Their struggle to save their young cribs.
Their struggle to find their family.
Their struggle to protect them.
And I don’t know how many wars
they fight every moment.
But today,
It was to live.
But they couldn’t.
And you think it’s about who to blame?
No it isn’t.
It’s about saving what’s left of Syria.
Or Palestine.
Or any life lost in the name of war.
Maybe not a utopia, but the death toll can be stopped!
It’s just land. Stop fighting for power.
Stop the killing.

Hey listen,
Why aren’t you in turmoil?
This isn’t just a news headline,
This isn’t another war movie.
Don’t relinquish this away.
Don’t waiver them,
they are people not toys at display.
Don’t just sit and nod,or sigh.
Give them your courage, help them fight.
They have to win.
Win their opportunity to
A life.
A good night’s sleep.
A happy neighborhood.
So why aren’t you gaping?
How are you continuing your life?
When they aren’t escaping,
Those air strikes, those bombs.
They can’t obviously out run,
the bullet storms.
Help them now.
They want to live.
Help them and those refugees.
Take your stand.
Your voice counts!
Because they were attacked.

-Sabah Batul
#stopthewars #syria #yemen #palestine #ghaza