My heart feels faux pain,
Unaware if it is real.
Missing you!
Looking from afar isn’t ideal.
A charitable meet,
Without thoughts of the future.
Let’s live in today darling,
give up your act of mature.
I don’t want your forever for me,
just have a conversation, maybe.
Be my fling friend.
Stop pushing me away,
Stop trying to protect me,alright?
I’ll lookout for me.
And I’ll find peace somewhere.
So let’s flirt and laugh,
Talk and shake hands.
Date and depart.
Hug and promise never to call,
And break the promise as well.
Let’s have late night calls.
Beautiful morning text’s.
I’ll video call you all decked up,
wait for your voice,
have small fights,feel vexed.
Let’s post to each other letters online.
Do all the cliché drama,
Go out and dine.

Whatever we do..let’s just live our day.
I’ll be heartbroken later,obviously.
But I’ll have my friends to discuss about you and me.
We’ll gossip, share ice-cream over movies.
And soon I’ll be over you.
Ready for a new crush.
So walk away when we are done.
It was good what we had, while it lasted.
I’ll just hang out here now, watching you go….
I’ll have company,
My hoes before bros.
But hey,
Let’s stay friends?

-Sabah Batul.