The swords were sworn to secrecy,
the pestering was stopped.
Lives were spared.
The carnage at halt.
They thought Precious was solicited,
by Kings, honorable of their time.
And was announced,
Oh dear villagers,
rest tonight.
Years will pass by, as they should.
Light hits the blades.
Yes, we are at war.
War with the grotesque creatures.
The creatures which lay low.
They come out at twilight.
When the sky sheds black snow.
When the time is right they will attack,
as they did before!
Please stay put my Knights of valour.
Make use of the armor you wore.

The innocent need sleep tonight.
So fight tomorrow for them.
Let’s stay close.
Our time is near.
Heed to all my warning!

Then when the skirmish is loud.
Brawls and chaos everywhere.
The mighty fall down.
The dead will stay awake.

A beautiful dark battle will be fought.
Prudent people live on.
This is your tomorrow.
Listen to what I say.
A war is coming your way.
And my jobs done,
My premonition shared.

-Sabah Batul