You listen, so I tell.
But you look away with disgust.
You tell me I’m repugnant,
and oh hell,
Someone else might listen.
So you send me off in a rush.
Then you hide my decisions, you tell me whose boss.
You make me fear the Gods.
Everything I do is condemned mistakes.
Impeached I am, and your despise propagates.
But why are you so quick to judge me?
Why does your mind force me into lines.
Lines you draw in fear of people,
people who lost their minds.
To desire,lust, greed,and power of the time.
Yet I’m wrong, and what I do might as well be debauchery?
You insolent fool, you mark my name.
Now I am required to pay penance in shame.
Now there is guilt, and disappointment every turn I take.
And all I tried to do was tell you,
Because I thought you wanted to listen.

-Sabah Batul