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Hello woman,

We live in a world of empowerment and #MeToo.
But dudes with dicks are a privileged crew!
So I sit to understand the world around us from the comfort of my conservative home,
And this is the conclusion to which I have come…

The expression of freedom, it’s never ambiguous.
It’s the Allowance of freedom that messes it’s meaning.
Figuring yourself out, a task I find ominous.
But I’m forbidden to do it on my own by she who claims to be my king.
Faith, something I’d like to understand on my own terms, dear,
But they keen to persistently interfere!
And some nights, helpless, I just think…

‘When I met her,
She said she loved me.
But as time came, she slowly stopped my heart beat.
I didn’t understand what I did to deserve the pain,
But she killed me like this every day.
Until…Until I felt all alone.
And tears choked me.
And in me sleep, each night, I begged for mercy.
If it was with her death or mine, I was so hurt, i just wanted it to stop.
I was sinking, and I wished to be left alone,
I would like to drown or swim on my own.’

So in a world of #TimesUp,

I am lost and miserable, but a dear friend has reminded me I am strong.

I’ll find myself mercy and the nightmare will be gone.

So, ladies, I’d like to remind you too, you owe it to yourself to find your way.
Believe in yourself, force happiness to stay.

                             -With love,

                              your ever so lovely,

                              Damsel in distress.