There is a wave coming,
A wave so strong,
Us, struggling dimwits don’t understand it at all.
We wiggle under its apocalyptic noise,
We squirm and cry,
It stands on us, demands us to oblige.

There is this obsession,
Over arbitrary laws,
There are waning relationships,
Perhaps that’s why the obsession over alcohol,
Over drugs and sex.
An obsession to feel before numbness,
An obsession to live before death.
A race against time, if you will.

Me? I stand unable to tell real from what my mind creates for me.
An unbearable coked up symphony.
I stand amidst a chaotic hell of my own making.
I wiggle to break free from myself,
And I cry because I can’t feeling nothing else.
I survive because I don’t fucking want to die.
I see the wave coming,
and I don’t know if that will kill me,
Or I’ll reach out to the guns first.

There is a wave coming,
It’ll set us all free,
Emancipate us from this dirt and misery.
There is an obsession, amongst the youth.
To yell and fight,
To reduce to their primal instincts.

There is a revolution on its way,
And its price is all our lives.
The apocalyptic dream is livid,
The nightmare of life is surreal.

We will surrender though,
Mankind will diminish to nothingness.
We will break down our souls
And feed it to The End.

There is a wave coming,
A second coming if you will.
Its going to fuck us all,
But not if I walk to it myself.
-Sabah Batul